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The Most Famous Bullfighters Playmobils

THE FAMOUS PLAYMOBILS DRESS UP AS A TORERO The poet Pablo Neruda said that “the child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not…

Welcome to the our Blog, all about Bullfighting and Fashion

In our Blog, you will be able to discover all the hidden secrets of bullfighters and Bullfighting Fashion, as well as novelties in the most traditional Spanish fashion. We love…

Madonna chose us to dress her as a torero

Fashion, accessories with a clear bullfighting inspiration that Madonna, the Queen of Pop did not resist. That bullfighting culture is still very much alive is no surprise to anyone, but…

¿Which colors are the matadors’ favorites for their suits of lights?

For tastes, colors … especially if we talk about bullfighting costumes. Each bullfighter is a world and a mystery. That is why it is frequent that each matador feels preferences…


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