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Capote Bracelets 

Capote Bracelets

Pink bullfighter cape bracelets

Made in Spain with the authentic fabric of the professional pink bullfighter cape, also called Capote, and with genuine leather of first quality.


  • Bullfighting cape bracelet for Juniors. The bullfighting accessory par excellence, now available in its children's version. The bracelet of bullfighting cape for children is made in professional bullfighter pink fabric of the best quality; exterior in pink cape, interior in yellow  and with a comfortable metal buckle closure. Exterior: pink cloak fabric...

    8,00 €
  • Volapie bracelet, in pink cape and red cape leather. An original creation of Toroshopping that has already acquired more than hundred people around the world. And it is not for less, its exclusive design in authentic cloak fabric with metal closure and two nudes in cloak and crutch cloth have become a symbol for bullfighting fans inside and outside the...

    15,90 € 8,90 €
  • Mundotoro launches their bracelet TORO SI, in collaboration with Toroshopping. The bracelets are a clear statement in favor of bullfighting, to say with pride: YES TOBULLFIGHTING! The bracelets are reversible: -  one side of fuchsia bullfighting cape - one side of leather with the slogan Toro SI, in two colors: red for bracelets of size L and XL,and pink...

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    19,90 € 9,95 €
  • Bracelet made of pink bullfighter cape, double face with the Spanish flag on the other side. The bullfighting and spanish complement par excellence is available in 3 sizes, S, L and XL. The Reversible Spanish flag and capote bracelet is manufactured on the one hand in professional bullfighter pink cape fabric of the best quality and in premium leather...

    19,90 €
  • Our famous bullfighting cape bracelets Las Ventas, made in Spain with the fabric of the pink bullfighting cape (capote) of the toreros and premium leather, named according to the bullring stadium of Madrid. Finished with leather closing, our las Ventas bracelets are available in two sizes, S or L.

    19,90 €

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