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  • Bullfighting necklace Minimalist necklace with the typical figures of the bullfighting icons, and with hypoallergenic metal. Several figures: - Banderilles - red lace - Matador jacket - green lace - Machos - violet lace - Montera (hat) - black lace

    24,00 € 4,80 €

    My Aztec Bull Head pendant with Toroshopping design, an original ethnic design with three options: bathed in silver, gold and ruthenium. The ideal accessory to complete any look. Silver, gold or ruthenium bath Bullfighting design Hypoallergenic

    9,90 € 7,92 €

    Beautiful Puerta Grande necklace made with the authentic "machos" of the bullfighting costumes (the ornments of the shoulder pads), in gold, silver or black, finished with ornaments in these same colors and combined with an elegant metallic chain, creating a unique and very original necklace.

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    36,00 € 28,80 €

    This very elegant and distinct pendant has the shape of a bullfighter jacket and is hand made by a specialized jewellry in Spain in sterling silver with 18 zircons of different colors (4 yellow, 4 orange, 4 green, 4 pink and 2 white). This unique jewellry piece includes a ring to be able to put it on a silver chain or leather cord.

    98,00 € 78,40 €