Leather bracelets 

Leather bracelets

Spanish bracelets made in leather, the best quality for men and women.


    The TIENTA leather bracelet by TS is an ideal bullfighting bracelet for the afternoons in the countryside, hence its name, Tienta.This bracelet is made in Spain, in top quality fine leather with magnetic metal sealing, with three metal beads covered with authentic pink and yellow bullfighter's cape (capote).Available in three sizes

    24,90 € 17,43 €

    We present you our new leather bracelet, called "Campero", perfect for a day in the countryside, new arrival of the 2012 season.This bracelet is made in premium leather with metal sealing, and has three metal beads covered with bullfighting capes' fabric: the pink capote, the red cape and the yellow fabric of inside the capes.Available in 3 sizes (S 18cm...

    28,90 € 20,23 €

    Kiwapa brand leather double-turn bracelet with silver rings. This leather bracelet with silver rings is unique and special, because you can customize the name you want to appear on each silver ring; bullfighters, children, couples .... Create your own bracelet! Maximum of 20 characters per ring. The default bracelet comes with a silver ring that you have...

    35,00 € 31,50 €
  • This leather bracelet with a silver iron is unique and special, because each piece is made for each order.The bracelet can be personalized with the iron you want, to do this, you must upload the file that you want to appear, in the field of uploading file.The bracelet is made of high quality leather and handmade. The leather is 8 mm thick.The bracelet has...

    34,90 €