Spanish Fashion 

Spanish Fashion

The world of bull fighting is very fashionable. History and culture come together in a personal and unique style. From the costume that Picasso designed for Luis Miguel Dominguín to Goya's  Tauromaquía", they unite art with the great feast of bullfighting. Today, this art came to the best catwalks combining fabrics and designs to create a differ...



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    Bullfighting watches of the bullfighting brand par excellence.

    Made with bullfighting cape or leather, and with new designs with the images of the main Spanish bullring. At you will find them the best toro watches. If the clocks mark times, bullfighting watches mark the return to the arena of the spanish and bullfighter’s pride, identity and claim.

    Fashion in capital letters, with trendy accessories. Now you have the opportunity to wear one of the bullfighting watches that Toroshopping has created for you and with which you will achieve a very original style.

    Create your ideal look with a bullfighting watch

    If you are looking for an outfit with personality, choosing a bullfighting watch is the best option with which to complement your style and leave a mark. The great sophistication and elegance of the watches will captivate everybody.

    Check here our collection of bullfighting watches

    Cadiz Tentadero Watch

    The novelty is elegant and yet traditional. With a leather strap, gold details and 43mm dial in pink colour as the bullfighter cape. An accessory of those that do not go unnoticed. Dare to wear it or the Malaga model, with a blue dial.

    Valentina bullfighting watch

    Not all bullfighting watches are for men! The Valentina watch is a model for ladies, with an original blue dial with embroideries of a suit of lights in white. Original, feminine and with a very Spanish inspiration.

    Esclavina Bullfighting watch

    The special edition of the watch inspired by the cloak of bullfighter's capes is a unique piece made to measure by the great lovers of bullfighting. With the image of the cape in gold or silver in its sphere, this complement reflects our purest feeling for the bullfighting culture and its most elegant extension in the world of fashion.

    Giving a spanish style to the most trendy ladies

    If you are looking for a perfect gift for a lady who loves bullfighting and Spain, we recommend the Valentina bullfighting watches, with embroideries of suits of lights on the dial, which you can find in our collection, made with high quality material and with all the feeling of the bullfighting culture. In addition, you can complement your look with our Spanish leather bags and all the bullfighting fashion items that we have created.

    Take a tour through our catalog and do not hesitate to ask us for information, we will help you in everything you need.

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