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  • Bullfighting necklace Minimalist necklace with the typical figures of the bullfighting icons, and with hypoallergenic metal. Several figures: - Banderilles - red lace - Matador jacket - green lace - Machos - violet lace - Montera (hat) - black lace

    30,00 € 6,00 €
  • Tablet leather protective case for Ipad or tablet.Protective shell for a tablet. Pink fuchsia color, made of leather. Measures: 24 cm x 19 cm

    80,00 € 8,00 €
  • Toroshopping launches with the footwear brand Rodia the first moccasins made of bullfighting cape, with a sole perfumed with scent of orange blossom and logo embroidered on the outside.This version Moccasin for Women, has a white sole and laces, and inner part is of beige colour.Available in sizes 35 to 39 (European sizes)

    39,90 € 9,00 €
  • Matador flip flops, for men and women who do not lose their art inside the water. The Matador flip flops have a very original design, on the left foot with a bullfighter with his suit of lights and cap, and the right his inseparable cloak. So you will not have to choose between one of the two designs. The Matador  flip flops are ideal for beach, pool or...

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    30,00 € 9,00 €
  • Toroshopping has designed with the spanish footwear brand Rodia the first women moccasins made with authentic bullfighting cape, in pink. Perfumed with orange blossom, this version is a Moccasin for girl, with white sole and laces,  and inner fabric in beige. Available in sizes 35 to 39. Last unit available in pink in size 39 and in violet in size 39...

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    39,90 € 9,00 €
  • Toroshopping launches with spanish footwear brand Rodia the first shoes made with authentic bullfighting cape, with sole perfumed with orange blossom scent.This Yacht version for men has a white sole and white laces , with the exterior made of red bullfighting cape and  interior in beige.Sizes available from 40 to 46 (European size)

    39,90 € 11,97 €
  • Toroshopping launches with the spanish footwear Rodia the first shoes made with authentic bullfghting cape's cloth, in blue and inside in yellow. This version for men has a white leather sole and laces leather. Available in sizes from 40 to 46.

    39,90 € 11,97 €
  • Black shirt "Aficionado"  for men - 100% cotton in black and details in fuscia pink colors. Shirt with short sleeves Available in 3 sizes available: S, M, and XL

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    89,00 € 17,80 €
  • Bullfighting watch for women. A special edition with an elegant and original design, ideal for them. The bullfighting watch for women presents on its dial the image of a bullfighting costume  printed in blue tones, with a pink gold metal bracelet. And it is that, there is no such original complement to fix the bullfighting style that a feminine...

    60,00 € 20,00 €
  • The silk scarf of A.ORTUETA are handkerchiefs with bullfighting pictures. Their original designs and top quality materials adapted to bullfighting trends make them the favorites of fans. The bullfighting silk scarf is available with several bullfighting photographs and has a reduced price. Do not miss yours! Measures: 140 cm x 90 cm.

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    46,00 € 23,00 €
  • Perfect for the new bullfighting season! Carabella handkerchiefs by Belinda Carasucia. Because we love elegant and daring men,  who wear color in their wardrobe. These pocket handkerchiefs made of silk with a design based on bullfighting ornaments are available in various colors, and are ideal to wear with a suit and tie or to brighten a simple jacket....

    36,00 € 25,20 €
  • Unisex belt made of bull hair and leather. Bull skin in white or brown colour on the outside and leather inside in blue or orange colour.Made with the maximum quality in Spain, and  with the best finishes we have designed this belt for you, made of real bull skin and leather.

    60,00 € 27,00 €
  • Bullfighting watch for women. A special edition with an elegant and original design, ideal for them. The bullfighting watch for women has on its white dial the image of a cape with a metal bracelet in gold. Limited Edition, numbered units Water resistance 5 atm Combination of precision and elegance  38 mm sphere  Flat mineral crystal  Quartz Movement,...

    60,00 € 30,00 €
  • White Shirt "Maestro" for men - 100% cotton in white and details in fuscia pink colors and some embroidery flowers on the top of the shirt. They exist in 2 sizes available: L and XL

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    110,00 € 33,00 €
  • Butterfly Shirt for Black Woman - 100% cotton designed with unrivaled finishes and high quality. The tips of the sleeves and neck has the design of black polka dots. The cut is fitted with a large neckline and an asymmetrical shape. It exists in 3 sizes available: S, L and XL.

    110,00 € 33,00 €
  • Tentadero watch with strap model grunge. An exclusive edition with pink dial of 35mm in diameter. Technical specifications: WR 200 METERS (20 atm) Leather strap model grunge Manufactured in STEEL, QUALITY 316 (ANTIALERGIC) Hardened mineral crystal and magnifying glass calendar Diameter 43 MM. Special edition Unidirectional rotating bezel CITIZEN Miyota...

    120,00 € 48,00 €

    Women Wallet Lidia of the spanish brandmark Mira la Marela.  Wallet Made in waterproof silk. Colors: Turquoise or Red. Measures: 16.5 x 10 cm

    70,00 € 52,50 €