In Toroshopping, we place at your disposal second-hand matador costumes, which include the three pieces (pants, vest and jacket), in excellent condition and at the best price. They are ideal for both practical amateurs and collectors. Some of these dresses have belonged to great figures of bullfighting.

The suits of lights are made of silk, of d...


  • Bullfighter Vest Woman Red and Gold This product has been made in Spain by a tailor of toreros. It has been made using raw materials of the highest quality and adding handmade techniques to the most modern manufacturing and design techniques. S Size available. Other sizes and colour upon request.

    140,00 €
  • Bullfighter pants in dark blue and silver made by the Spanish tailor Fermín. The dark blue bullfighter's costume with silver embroidery is in very good condition, and it is an ideal piece for professional bullfighters, fans of the bull's world or collectors. The suits of lights are unique pieces, perfect as decorative objects ..

    250,00 €
  • Second-hand bullfighting suit of lights of burnt orange colour and black embroideries. This suit of lights has been made by the renowned Justo de Algaba’s tailoring in Spain. The bullfighter pants closing is different, with a zipper. The suit of lights is in good condition. The costume includes the jacket, the vest and the pants.

    850,00 €
  • Beautiful golden thread picador jacket, made in Spain, second hand, by the tailor of toreros Daniel Roqueta. Big size, for someone of 1,85m and 85kg approximately. Includes the bullfighter jacket and vest.

    1 200,00 €
  • Beautiful mauve and silver matador costume, from the famous tailoring shop for bullfighters of daniel Roqueta. The matador costume is in good condition and it includes the jacket, vest and pants. Mesures: aprox. 1,70 m and 70 kg. that is 5´7 ft and 154 pounds aprox.

    1 200,00 €
  • This second hand White and Black bullfighting costume, designed and manufactured by the prestigious bullfighting tailor Daniel Roqueta from Spain, is an ideal opportunity to proudly wear an exclusive piece designed for a professional bullfighter at an excellent price! Get it and become the protagonist of exhibition runs, social events or exposing it as a...

    1 400,00 €
  • Light Blue and Gold Bullfighting Costume for sale, second hand. The light blue and gold bullfighting suit designed by… is a unique item of great quality and elegance. Designed for matadors, it is sure to dazzle everyone at professional events, at all sorts of shows or on display as a collection item. The suit includes:          A jacket          A vest...

    1 590,00 €
  • Aubergine Red and Black bullfighting Suit This red and black bullfighting suit combines intense colours with a classic design. It is sure to be the centre of attention at any event or occasion thanks to its great elegance and unique design. The suit includes:          A jacket          A vest          Taleguilla (bullfighting trousers) Measurements: 1,70...

    1 600,00 €
  • Apple green and silver bullfighter costume. An original piece, second hand but in perfect condition. It's ideal for beginners, collectors and enthusiasts.  The bullfighting costume includes:  the torero jacket  the pants the vest  Size : For someone approximately 1.75m and 65kg, that is 5' 7" and 143,3 pounds approx.

    1 600,00 €
  • Black and white second hand bullfighter costume for sale. This real bullfighter costume combines white flower embroideries with black colour velvet and is in very good condition. The matador costume includes:          A jacket          A vest          Taleguilla (bullfighting trousers) Measurements: 1,65-70 cm and 60-65 kg - aprox. 5'4-5'5 ft and 132-143...

    1 900,00 €
  • Purple and silver bullfighter costume for sale, second hand costume. This real bullfighter costume combines an intense purple colour with silver embroideries, handmade, in a very good condition. The matador costume includes:          A jacket          A vest          Taleguilla (bullfighting trousers) Measurements: 1,85 cm and 80 kg

    2 300,00 €