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    They are called Capote and are made with a special fabric of alive color, generally pink and yellow. These are the capes that the bullfighters use at the beginning of the fight. Whereas the verb "capotear" implies to make movements with the cape in front of the bull, as well as to direct the bull with the cape.

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    The most common movement executed with the capote is the "Veronica", consisting of waiting for the attack of the bull, having the extended cape held with both hands, and placing the leg by the side where the exit is given to the bull, and then moving the cape to accompany the movement of the brave bull.

    This movement is called Veronica because it reminds the cape of the virgen of the spanish processions.

    So that you can learn and draw your own veronicas, in Toroshopping we have bullfighter capes for children (between 3 and 6 years old), exact replicas to the professional bullfighter's cape and made with authentic materials but adapted to the weight of the smallest. You will also find Junior capes (between 6 and 11 years old), for beginners (a little smaller than the usual cape to facilitate the training and movements) and for amateur bullfighters, of different sizes.

    And, of course, we also have professional bullfighter capes. All our capes are made in Spain by a professional tailor of toreros.

    It is possible to personalize it with your name without extra cost.


    Red bullfighting capes, matador capes for sale, for adults and kids.


    Bullfighting Capes for sale, matador parade capes embroidered in gold and silver, with flowers and images.


    Bullfighting shoes of all size, shirts, hats and all needed items to wear with a bullfighter costume.


    Training carts for bullfighters


    Bull's Heads from the best spanish bull breeding ranches.


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