Training carts for bullfighters


    Children's trolley with plastic horns Children's carts to simulate bullfighting and to put into practice the bullfighting skills of the little ones. Its appearance, imitating that of the real bogies and its materials as light and resistant make them an ideal accessory for the smallest of the house to start in the practice of bullfighting. This child cart...

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  • Bull horns, the ideal complement for bullfighting games.Features:      Measures: 73 x 35cm      Material: real spanish bull horns (small size)      Colors: black and beige

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    Children's training cart with bull head to simulate bullfights and improve the bullfighting skills of the youngest. Their appearance, imitating that of the real bullfighting carts and their materials, as light as resistant, make them an ideal accessory for the youngest of the house to begin in the practice of bullfighting. This bullfight for children is...

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  • Authentic brave bull horns, mounted on a wooden plate.  A decorative item, unique and original, for your home or business. Upon request (it takes 20-25 days to produce)

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  • Bull-headed children  training trolley is made of fiber and real bull horns. It is perfect for infantile enclosures and the practices of bullfighting. The wheel measures 37 centimeters. It is robust and easy to handle.Its appearance, imitating the true training trolley of bulls is as light as resistant. It is an ideal accessory to begin the practice of...

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