To the bullfight with

To the bullfight with

James Dean torero

James Dean

Did you know that the greatest rebel without cause in film history slept with a cape? On one occasion he came to say that if he did not succeed in Hollywood, he would try his luck in the Mexican arena. However, fame in the cinema eclipsed him and he could never put his other dream into practice ...

During the fifties, every time he had a chance, he used to escape to neighboring Tijuana to see some bullfighting celebration. Probably, he felt identified with the loneliness of the bullfighter and his eternal death challenge. In his spare time, Dean also used to train in the ballroom and read novels about "Manolete.

La actriz Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall

Actress Lauren Bacall became known as "the Hollywood look" for her impressive feline eyes. In addition to her talent as an interpreter, her marriage to fellow actor Humphrey Bogart, protagonist of "Casablanca," gave her an enormous social popularity. Personal friend of writer Ernest Hemingway, she was curious about the Bullfight and it was relatively easy to locate her on a barrier during her trips to Spain and France.

The first time she could be seen in a bullring was in Las Ventas in Madrid in 1959. She witnessed a bullfight in which Tomás Sánchez Jiménez, Emilio Redondo and Antonio Cobo fought. She also visited the shores of Pamplona, ​​Bilbao, Granada, Dax and Bayonne where she could enjoy the bullfighting of Luis Miguel Dominguín and Antonio Ordóñez.

The bad tongues told that the actress followed Dominguin from square in square , and that she she maintained an affair with him after the death of Bogart. Who knows!

There is also a curious photo of Bacall in a bullfighter jacket with a poster of Ruano Llopis in the background.