Curiosities of the April Fair

Curiosities of the April Fair

6 May

Although it sounds a little strange, this year, the April Fair of Seville is celebrated in May for reasons of the liturgical calendar, because this celebration depends on Holy Week. From Sunday, April 28 to Sunday, May 12, there will be bulls in Seville without interruption.

The origins of the Feria de Abril date from 1846, but with a very different end to the current one, because this celebration was born as a fair for the purchase and sale of livestock, although the bullfighting shows were linked to the celebration of the fair from the beginning. Currently, bullfighting is usually attended by people directly from the fair in horse-drawn carriages and it is very common to find many well-known faces of society among the attendees.

As a curiosity, the Real de la Feria is divided into fifteen streets with the name of an important bullfighting figure: Costillares, Pepe Hillo, Chicuelo, Joselito El Gallo, Juan Belmonte, Curro Romero, etc.

As much to the bulls as to the Real one, tradition is that the women show the flamenco dress flamenco, a clothing in constant evolution that continues inspiring great designers of all the world.

In short, what began as a livestock fair with canvas booths and some stalls to cater to visitors has become a social and tourist event of the first order. Happy April Fair 2019!

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