Putting the world as

Putting the world as "montera"

15 Apr

The montera was born at the beginning of the 19th century by the famous bullfighter Francisco Montes, nicknamed "Paquiro". From the surname Montes was born the word "montera", a hat made in astrakhan and with an inner cover of taffeta that gives it its particular shape. Until then, to fasten the hair, we used a hairnet or a three-cornered hat, similar to the bicorne of the alguaciles, but the aesthetic revolution provided by Paquiro caused that, quickly, the cap crowned the stamp of all the bullfighters.

The monteras of the Paquiro era were bigger and taller than the current ones, adorned with tassels on the sides. However, over time, they were reduced to be more comfortable.

Each bullfighter manufactures his montera to measure so that it fits perfectly and does not bother him during the fight. That is where the expression "calar la montera" or "put the world on montera" is born, used when someone makes a decision without taking into account the opinions of their surroundings.

Generally, a bullfighter orders one or two monteras throughout his career, this garment being the most perennial of how many make up the suit of lights, and also the most beloved. It is strange that a bullfighter, even retired, does not keep his cap to remember those years of fear and glory.

The Granada-born Manuel Benítez Carrasco wrote a beautiful poem that ended like this:
One, two and three,
they are again three ...
three banderilleros,
only three monteras
behind the burladeros ...
Or three capotes to remove
in the circle!

And you, do you want to put the world on montera?

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