28 Mar

Although the politician and writer Edmund Burke maintained that the superstition was the religion of the weak minds, it also supposes a small relief for the matador who is going to go out to gamble his life in the ring. In the background, all these bullfighting tricks are compressible and even sympathetic.

The Yellow 

The most common superstition is that linked to yellow, the color of doom. That's why bullfighters avoid wearing yellow at all costs, and even get angry if, among the public, someone has chosen a garment of this damn color. The hatred of yellow, in fact, was born in the seventeenth century when Moliere died the day he wore a yellow garment in full theatrical performance.

Passage to the chapel and how to set foot in the arena.

Whether believers or not, before starting the parade, almost all bullfighters pass by the chapel of the bullring to pray and leave a picture of prayer on the altar. It is also common that many of them carry medals, bracelets or amulets, religious or pagan who protect them.

Determined bullfighters prefer to set foot on the arena with the left foot, others with the right foot, others drag them or others draw a cross on the sand. Some avoid in addition to stepping on the white lines of tercio and for that they take a step longer.
It is also common that they touch the wood of the walkway or that they kiss it with the hand just before starting the paseííllo.

Offer a bull

When they give a bull to the public and throw the montera in the air, all right-handers prefer to fall face down (sign of good luck) because, if it falls face up, the possibility of some fatality increases in the hearts of the superstitious. On the boat, by the way, there is another great mania: the bullfighters get on their nerves when someone places them on top of the bed. It is a catastrophe assured.

We could continue eternally with the list because, to the general manias, we must add the particulars of each killer. For oddities ... bullfighters!

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