What colors are the most used by bullfighters?

What colors are the most used by bullfighters?

20 Mar

Each bullfighter is a world and a mystery. That is why it is common for each killer to feel preferences for certain tones when donning the "sparkling". Some opted for dark tones (generally, the right-handers with the heaviest build) and others for the clear ones (the smallest ones). Of course, it also influences the mood and the square.

The list of colors that are currently used in bullfighting costumes is endless. Then, to make us a slight idea, we will know the most popular dark tones and, in a future post, the clear ones.

Blue turkey or king: it looks like cobalt blue, similar to the plumage of the peacock. It is a marine blue a more lively and intense point. It combines especially well with embroidery in gold.

Navy blue or night: it is a dark blue and is one of the great classics in the "lockers" bullfighting. It combines very well both with the embroidery in gold, silver or with the trimmings in white thread.

Green bottle: in the section of the greens, highlights the elegant bottle, colors of bullfighters with poso as Juan Mora.

Bordeaux, red wine or bull blood: we refer to the range of garnets, a darker point than the granas.

Nazarene: in the world of the bull, Nazarene is called violet dresses, because they remind the skirts that some penitents use in Holy Week.

Tobacco: tobacco is a brown suit, similar to black tobacco. No fan says that a bullfighter is dressed in "violet and gold" or "brown and gold", but Nazarene or snuff.

Black, jet or catafalque: a dress extremely elegant and that stylizes everyone, but some bullfighters avoid being too serious. <

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