What is the paseíllo?

What is the paseíllo?

15 Nov

At the front of the parade are the alguacilillos, who would traditionally be responsible for cleaning out the ring.

Now they are responsible enforcing out the orders of the president in the ring, handing trophies to the bullfighter and passing the keys of the bull gate to the person who opens it at the end of the paseíllo.

The first in the line are the matadors (bullfighters). Their positioning follows their seniority depending on when they took their alternativa (similar to a diploma to be a matador). The first bullfighter to take their alternativa is positioned to the right, the second most experienced stands to the left and the youngest bullfighter stands in-between them.

Next come the cuadrillas (bullfighters’ teams), with first of all, the 3 banderilleros. The way they position themselves also depends on the seniority of the bullfighter they are working for. Then come the picadors, each bullfighter was 2 (one for each bull). The picadors are always accompanied by the monosabios or areneros who care for the horses and assist the picadors whilst they work, and also clean the ring between bulls.

cuadrilla de toreros en el paseillo

In our website you can find authentic matador costumes, as well as picador jackets or bullfighter capes.

You can see here the whole cuadrilla of toreros as toys:

cuadrilla de playmobil torero

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