Dreaming of dressing like a matador?

Dreaming of dressing like a matador?

28 Mar

There are no excuses when it comes to showing off, that is what we propose:

1- Second hand matador costumes:

Authentic, made in Spain by one of the best tailors of bullfighters, who are Justo Algaba, Fermin, Santos, Daniel Roqueta, Emilio or Pedro Escolar, you will find a suit of lights of a professional bullfighter to fit your measurements. Costumes that have been used by professional matadors and bullfighters in a bullfight, like those that our friend Gregory Fretz, from California, acquired:

In the photos we see him wearing two second-hand suits and a personnalized bullfighter cape:

   matador costume worn by gregoryusing a matador cape

2- Rental of matador costumes

We offer our clients the possibility of renting costumes for special occasions, and there are those who can not resist dressing as a torero in their wedding!

You can rent the complete suit, the jacket, and/or the accessories.

Contact us for more information.

wedding dressed as a bullfighter

3- Custom made suits of light

If what you are looking for is something more special, we place at your disposal our tailored costumes, made in Zaragoza (Spain) by a professional bullfighters' tailor, we will adapt to your tastes and create a unique piece, at your own measurements.

You can choose the colour of the bullfighter costume, of the embroideries, and the type of embroideries and ornaments.


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