The best Halloween costumes!

The best Halloween costumes!

28 Mar

In our website you will find several options:

1) you can make your own customized suit of lights, in the colours and embroideries you prefer, and our specialized tailor will design and make it for you.

Do not worry, we are used to make custom costumes on the distance. We have done it for many private clients, and also for theaters, operas and TV shows all around the world. Madonna trusted us for our Rebel Heart video!

custom made costume  

custom made matador costume

Just fill our measurement form, we will check it and if any doubt, contact you for more details.

If you prefer, you can just wear the jacket as Anna did:

matador jacket

2) You can also purchase an authentic second hand costume which had been worn by a bullfighter. Let us know your size and we will send you options. 

Or just have a look here in our second hand matador costumes, and choose your perfect one!

second hand torero outfit

You can also purchase all the accessories, such as matador hat, shoes, pink socks, etc here:

3) If you prefer, you can also rent it.

You will of course have to pay for a warranty which we refund once the costume is sent back in the same condition, since these are all unique pieces and quite expensive ones.

The only thing that matters to us is that fulfill your dreams and Halloween is a perfect night for it.

All our costumes are made by professional bullfighting tailors and can be made in 2 to 4 weeks.

They can include jacket, vest and pants.

When you see yourself dress as a bullfighter, immediately, you will feel unique and majestic, and you will for sure awaken the admiration of all your friends.


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