The singer Pablo Grande  tells us about his experience with a suit of lights

The singer Pablo Grande tells us about his experience with a suit of lights

30 Jul

Argentinian artist, musician, singer and actor born in the city of Rosario. City that has also seen Messi and Che Guevara born. Since he does not play football well and does not have the air of a revolutionary, he has decided since childhood to dedicate himself to music and scenarios.

In Spain it has been seen on the Madrileña billboard with the Musical '' Piaf '' in the new theater Alcalá and in the theater festivals of Almagro, Ourense, Cadiz, among others.

Four years ago and following love, he settled in Vienna with his Austrian girlfriend. Without knowing the German language there begins a history of learning and growth that lead him today to release his first album in German called '' Hey Olé '', a disc in which he combines German pop music (Schlager) with rhythms, Latin sound histories, South Americans, and as the Argentines say, also from the mother country.

The song chosen to promote the album is called '' Torero ''. Song that tells the story of a man who wants to be like a bullfighter, have that audacity, to get the love of the woman he loves.

A metaphor about struggling to get love and not letting oneself be defeated, give everything in that arena of relationships called love.

For the music video of the song, Pablo rented a beautiful costume of lights in pink and gold at ToroShopping, at our office in the Bullring of Las Ventas in Madrid.

pablo grande torero

Pablo tells us the story:

We shot the video in a bullring in Mallorca. The people of the place have treated us very well and we have felt at home.

We chose that place because of the beauty of the island and because the German-speaking public has a great connection with Mallorca and its beauty.

With the producer, Gregor Weindorf, we flew especially from Munich, Germany, to Madrid to try on and get the bullfighter costume and then we continue to travel to Mallorca.

I know that the issue of Bullfights is a subject, which for some is very controversial. When we made the Torero song, we did not want to express our opinion in favor or against the bullfights. It is something that awakens passions, and as everything passionate always has two faces and each one has his opinion.

What we take for the song, is that idea of ​​giving everything, maybe even life for what one loves, that's why we are inspired by the idea of ​​the Torero and his art.

Pablo who simultaneously to the presentation of his CD (available from 27.07 on Spotify, Internet and stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria) currently participates in the Musical '' Les Miserables '' in Austria in the character of the revolutionary '' Enjolras '', plans a show with its own songs and some others, putting them on stage through choreography, costumes and airs of Latin music, rioplatenses rhythms and Spanish guitars, all mixed with the German language, a mixture perhaps more and more necessary in a world where to preserve our roots, tradition and customs become fundamental, but also let them be free to be combined, merged and enriched with other cultures, languages, sounds and colors.

You can see Pablo Grande's videoclip here: 

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