Let's play bulls and bullfighters

Let's play bulls and bullfighters

4 Oct

Who has not played with the famous "clicks", with the fort of the Western, the farm or the pirate boat?

Who, as a child, has not painted the cows of the "clicks" in black to look like brave bulls ... or have you imagined that the cowboy hat was a montera?

Now, with bullfighting clicks, dreams come true ...

From the click matador, with his suit of lights in gold or black embroideries, his cap and his design that remembers the real figures of the bullfighter, that you can see and buy here:

torero click

To the banderilleros dressed in suits of lights in various colors and embroidery, with their pink stockings, and even the clicks that run the bulls like in San Fermi
n, which you can combine with the fences to recreate a real San Fermin running of bulls.

running of bulls san fermin

The little ones of the house can already play the bull with the "clicks" of a lifetime.

Also black bulls and squares of bulls to scale. A gang of "clicks" invades the games of the smallest of the house ... and that the imagination flies.

All the toys for clicks here:

All are made in Spain in a artisanal way, in DM wood or plastic.

As Rafael Alberti wrote:
From the glory to your pythons, I went down, golden sparrow, to play with the bull.

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