Special Bullfighting Training for Aficionados


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The Course includes:
-Classes of bullfighting hall with didactic material (capes, crutches, ...) and team of professionals.
-Recorrido bullfighting-cofrade of Holy Week in Seville.
-Training and classroom bullfighting classes.
-Tendero real with calves of the cattle ranch of Arucci (in Cortegana, Huelva). Direction and advice in lidia.
-Entries for the Resurrection Sunday in Seville (Gradas 8, 11 A).
-Diploma of Practical Amateur by the European Foundation of the Toro.

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Special course 2019

Friday, April 19

5:00 pm Reception in the Bullring of Guillena.

17:15 Welcome and Explanation of the Course.

5:30 p.m. Training with professional team of the Taurus Practical Amateur Club with capes, crutches and banderillas.

19:00 Master class with the bullfighter Pablo Aguado: "The bullfighting of today and forever."

20:30 Break.

Saturday, April 20

09:30 hs Training with group dynamics in the bullring of Guillena. Improvement and technique of the art of bullfighting. Group dynamics with bullfighting workshop and classroom bullfighting classes.

10:30 am We continue to deepen in the bullfighting luck, including the supreme luck. Initial, Middle and Advanced Level. Taught by the team of professionals of the Bullfighting Amateur Club. Special teachers: the novilleros Ruiz Muñoz, Fernando Navarro and Daniel de la Fuente, who will accompany the students during the training.

11:30 Master classes of novilleros José Ruiz Muñoz, Fernando Navarro and Daniel de la Fuente (the 3 will intervene a week later in that same place in a Novillada minced with cattle of different herds)

12:30 Summary and final analysis of the day. Practical advice in front of the tentadero in the bullring. Summary and review of the subjects taught, emphasizing the technique Bullfighting room with the crutch. Recapitulation of fundamental aspects and preparation for the Tentadero.

4:00 pm Arrival at the Arucci ranch.

4:30 p.m. Tent of wild calves. With the direction of Eduardo Dávila Miura.

2:00 pm Family photo. Camper lunch.

3:00 pm Delivery of supporting diplomas.

Sunday, April 21 (Resurrection)

10:30 am "Holy Week and the bulls". Tour of the neighborhoods of Triana and Arenal following the footsteps of different brotherhoods and brotherhoods of Seville, its history and its link with the bullfighters. By the hand of Rafael Peralta, writer, farmer and commentator on Toros Movistar Plus.

17:30 Group assistance to the Bullfight of Resurrection Sunday in the bullring of the Real Maestranza de Sevilla. Bulls of Victoriano del Río for Julián López "El Juli", José María Manzanares and Andrés Roca Rey.

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Age Adult


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