Dress like a true bullfighter!

Dressing as a bullfighter is a ritual. Carefully folded the costume should remain folded on a chair. How? Each part of the costume must be in the correct place so that the bullfighter can be dressed in the right order. The bullfighter's passion begins hours before the bullfight. And now you can feel that passion!

                                                           Bullfighting cosutme

Custom made or second hand suits of lights, rental of bullfigthing costumes and accessories. All the complements of a traditional dress that ended up becoming the exclusive outfit of the bullfighting ritual at the end of the XVIII century


Why is a bullfighter's costume called a suit of lights?

Sequins are the main component of a bullfighter's outfit. The reflections that the sequins produce give its name to the suit of lights.

Embroideries, ornaments and sequins. In red, purple, light blue, pink, white or tobacco colours.

Dress yourself as a torero now!

Bullfighting custome - Sara Jessica Parker         Bullfighting custome - Madonna

Madonna chose for her World Tour a real Tailored bullfighter costume made by our tailor and Sarah Jessica Parker was on the cover of the Smoda magazine wearing an authentic Toroshopping bullfighter jacket. And now you can also do it!


Tie and sash, jacket, pants, stockings, shirt, slippers, montera hat and castañeta. And a complement that can never miss, the cape of parade. Now you are ready to go into the ring and deal with the bravest bulls. From the audience you will only hear Oleeeeee! Oleeeeee!


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