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What will you find at Toroshopping.com?

Toroshopping.com is the largest online bullfighting store worldwide. Toroshopping is also the company who manages the tours at the bullring of Las Ventas in Madrid, and its gift shop, with Las Ventas Tour.

At Toroshopping.com you will find all sorts of authentic bullfighting items, made in Spain with the same materials as the items used by professionals bullfighters:

  • Brand new and custom-made suits of lights, second-hand matador costumes, picador jackets, trajes de luces ...
  • Bullfighter's capes for adults and children, matador red capes for all levels, embroidered capes or bullfighting parade capes with gallons.
  • Other clothing accessories of the bullfighter's outfit, such as bullfighter' shoes, hats, shirts, socks ..
  • In addition to that, all types of banderillas, matador swords, leather boxes,..
  • Bull's heads from Spain, to decorate your business or home.

In our section of Art and Decoration, we offer unique photographs of bulls and bullfighters, bullfighting paintings of different styles, bullfighting posters of the main Spanish fairs (Pamplona, Seville and Ronda), and bullfighting lamps and other decorative items.

In addition, you will find the best fashion bullfighting accessories, and the major and most cutting edge fashion labels, such as TS for Toroshopping, Mira La Marela, Toro Watch, Defloresyfloreros, Basmala, etc.

In the Fashion & Accessories section, you'll find everything you need to make the most original gift, such as:

  • TS for Toroshopping bullfighting Bracelets: Bracelets made of matador's cape, Suits of lights bracelets...
  • Fun mobile phone covers and leather belts with bullfighting crutch materials.
  • T-shirts with pictures of bullfighting
  • Bags and wallets made with bullfighter's cape
  • Original earrings, necklaces and rings for the girls,
  • Bullfighting shoes and sandals to show off your love for bullfighting until the foot ...


You can also visit our shop recently opened at Las Ventas Bullring in Madrid.

For more information, to visit the shop or the bullring, please contact us at info@lasventastour.com.

Toroshopping las ventas shop

Why was created Toroshopping.com?

Our main goal when creating our website Toroshopping was to allow bullfighting fans around the world to get a piece of the culture and art of bullfighting through purchasing handcrafted items and materials of professional bullfighting.

All our items are top-quality, unique and different.

Our guarantee is our passion for bullfighting, and the quality of all our offers and articles, selected with care because of their close link with the history of bullfighting in Spain and made with the finest materials.

Our best guarantee, you, our customers and friends.



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