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  • Life-size statue of the famous Spanish bull, available in different colours. An amazing decoration piece for your house, office or restaurant. Colours: Gold Leaf Silver Leaf Bronze Powder Black Red FERRARI Primer (White so that it can be personnalized as you wish) Dimensions: 220x94x155cm

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    2 590,00 €
  • The Spanish fighting bull head is perfect as wall decor and is available in 4 different colours: Bronze powder Gold leaf Silver leaf Black(not available at the moment) Features: Wall-mounted Dimensions: 30x24x27,25cm Material is made from a combination of fiberglass and resin.

    400,00 €
  • Volapie bracelet, in pink cape and red cape leather. An original creation of Toroshopping that has already acquired more than hundred people around the world. And it is not for less, its exclusive design in authentic cloak fabric with metal closure and two nudes in cloak and crutch cloth have become a symbol for bullfighting fans inside and outside the...

    15,90 € 11,13 €
  • Bullfighting cape Fabric Lighter cover, the perfect gift for any passionate bullfighting fan. The lighter cover is an exclusive product by Toroshopping. Made from real bullfighting cape (capote) fabric and leather, it is a unique and exclusive accessory. Measures: 6 cm in height  

    8,90 €
  • Beautiful original matador costume, in light blue silk with golden embroideries and white ornaments. A unique piece in a very good condition, and suitable for large sizes. Includes the jacket, the vest and the pants. Measurements: aprox. 1,80-85m and 80 kg (5'9ft -6'06ft and 176-177lbs)

    2 200,00 €
  • Authentic Spanish bullfighter costume in red and black, with inside vest embroidered in silver. Very good condition, includes the jacket, the vest and the pants. For someone of 1,75m and 65 kg aprox. (5,74ft and 143 lbs)

    1 400,00 €
  • Pink bullfighter costume ideal for kid of approximately 1,50m and 45 kg, with black and gold embroideries and ornaments. Perfect condition, ideal also for decoration. This costume includes the jacket, the vest and the pants. Measure: 4,92ft and 99 lbs.

    900,00 €
  • Who is your favorite Wizard King? Melchor, Gaspar or Baltasar. Who is your favorite Wizard King? Who do you write to every year so you do not forget to bring you the gift you've always dreamed of? Now your favorite Wise Men become stuffed animals so you can give them good suckers. Suitable for the little ones The Three Wise Men measure 25 cm and are...

    19,90 €
  • Pink and Gold Matador costume of Justo Algaba Tailor Spectacular matador costume of second hand from the tailor Justo Algaba, practically new. This costume belonged to a famous Matador in Spain. The jacket does not have the males. The suit includes the following: The jacket Vest The pants For the following measurements: 1,70cm and 65-70 kg

    2 800,00 €
  • Green and gold bullfighting costume . An original piece of second hand but in perfect condition. Ideal for beginners, collectors or amateurs. The suit of lights includes: Jacket Taleguilla Vest For the following measurements: 1.65 cm and 60 kg The green and gold suit of lights has been made in Spain by the Paco Mendéz tailor for a professional...

    1 400,00 €
  • This brand new White and Black bullfighting suit, designed and manufactured by the prestigious Paco Méndez bullfighting tailor, is an ideal opportunity to proudly wear an exclusive piece designed for a professional bullfighter at an excellent price! Get it and become the protagonist of exhibition runs, social events or exposing it as a museum piece. The...

    2 800,00 €
  • Black bullfighting vest with gold bull This product has been made in Spain by the bullfighting fashion brand Mira la Marela. It has been made using raw materials of the highest quality and adding handmade techniques to the most modern manufacturing and design techniques. Close with real machos in bullfighting gold lights. Size M-L

    90,00 € 32,50 €
  • PADILLA IN VERSION "POP ART" Intuitive colors and seemingly uncontrolled forms are the elemental ingredients of this unique portrait of bullfighter Juan José Padilla, which bears the signature of artist David Partida Montoya. A work that washes light, reaffirming the love for life that Padilla has embodied so well during his active years. Intense greens,...

    2 000,00 €
  • Aubergine Red and Black bullfighting Suit This red and black bullfighting suit combines intense colours with a classic design. It is sure to be the centre of attention at any event or occasion thanks to its great elegance and unique design. The suit includes:          A jacket          A vest          Taleguilla (bullfighting trousers) Measurements: 1,70...

    1 600,00 €
  • Piluca Bull Leather Bag With its exclusive and original design this product combines current fashion with bullfighting themes, made with authentic black/grey fighting bull leather and blue split leather. THE COLOUR OF THIS PRODUCT MAY VARY DEPENDING ON THE BULL IT CAME FROM   The bag is composed of:          Exterior: split blue leather and natural...

    175,00 €
  • Luisito Bull Leather Wallet Lusito Wallet made from bull leather. The colour of this product can vary depending on the natural colour of the leather. This product combines current fashion with bullfighting themes, made from black and grey fighting bull leather with a brown split leather interior and a silk lining. Colours: black/grey Measurements: 22.5cm...

    195,00 €
  • Blue leather rucksack With Real Bull Skin   With original and modern design, combining fashionable designs with a touch of bullfighting inspiration, with two thin blue straps and a gold buckle. Ideal as a rucksack with blue split leather and authentic natural bull skin. The leather bag is square shaped and ideal for daily use. Its convenient size and...

    170,00 €
  • Bullfighting Marshal Playmobil Click with Horse The bullfighting marshal click is perfect complement for the toy bullring. An ideal piece to finish of your set of bullfighting toys, accompanying the bulls, bullfighters and the rest of the bullfighting scenery. Our bullfighting clicks are perfect for children to learn and have fun at the same time....

    32,90 €
  • Sand Cleaner Playmobil Click The Sand Cleaner Click is an authentic piece with all of the characteristics of the sand cleaners, with his read jacket, hat and blue jeans. He also has his rake… so he’s all ready to get straight out into the bullring. This bullfighting click is ideal to complement the Toroshopping bullfighting toy set or as a collection item.

    19,00 €
  • Playmobil Clicks Picador with Horse Picador with Horse, ideal for our collection of bullfighting toys. An authentic piece with all the characteristics of the picador with his picador jacket and his trousers. Every detail has been taken care of: his picador hat, the pica, the breastplate of the horse, and his blindfold to protect the horse’s eyes... our...

    34,90 €
  • Mini Bullring for Toys such as Playmobils, ideal for the kids, very resistant and made in Spain in wood DM. Measures: 50 cm wide x 8 cm tall

    65,00 €
  • Playmobil Click Bull Transportation Boxe Now you can unload the bulls straight into your toy bullring. The bull transportation boxes are perfect for your children’s bullfighting adventures. Your little ones will have so much fun playing with their bullfighting figurines, specially designed for popular clicks. With the bull transportation crates your...

    39,00 €
  • Light Blue and Gold Bullfighting Suit The light blue and gold bullfighting suit designed by… is a unique item of great quality and elegance. Designed for matadors, it is sure to dazzle everyone at professional events, at all sorts of shows or on display as a collection item. The suit includes:          A jacket          A vest          Taleguilla...

    1 590,00 €
  • Matador and Team Playmobile Pack The cuadrilla pack is perfect to add to your Playmobile collection! Ideal for your little ones to make their own cuadrilla. The bullfighters in the cuadrilla pack are all dressed in different coloured suits of lights and monteras (bullfighting hats) and the picador has his jacket and castoreñohat, whilst the alguacilillo...

    169,00 €
  • Burgundy and Silver Bullfighting Suit The burgundy and silver bullfighting suit from the prestigious bullfighting tailor shop Daniel Roqueta has intense colours and a classic design that are sure to be the centre of attention thanks to its great elegance and unique style. The suit includes: A jacket A vest Taleguilla (trousers) Measurements: 1.65cm and...

    1 500,00 €
  • Bullfighting Set with Vest, Skirt and Handbag Set of two articles with a bullfighting theme vest and a satin black skirt. The skirt is shorter on the front and longer behind. The bag matches with the vest. Available in size 40, however, the vest can be adjusted from behind to make it a better fit. The set is exclusively from Mira la Marela and is in...

    900,00 € 325,00 €
  • Red Bullfighting Purse with Encarnation Flower   Mira la Marela Red Bullfighting Purse with Embroidery Red bullfighting purse with a carnation flower sowed onto the front. Ideal to complement the white or blue Paseo Handbag.

    89,00 € 35,60 €
  • Bullfighting Moves (passes, actions…) Handbag Cloth bag decorated with bullfighting terminology: “Suerte de varas”, Suerte de muleta”, “Suerte de capote” … The bag also has a divisa (rosette) with the colours of the capote, fuchsia and yellow, and a brown leather strap.

    110,00 € 39,00 €
  • Embolar Post and Rope This is a wooden embolar post with rope. Measurements: 10 cm Height x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm

    10,00 €
  • Bull Head Costume for children Bull head in Foam in the shape of a bull. Amazing for the little ones to dress up as bulls. Weight: 1 kg

    35,00 €
  • Stockyards for bulls  Product made of wood and natural pine, red color. It is made with slotted fences and straw floor. It is striking, resistant and functional. It is sent in assembly kit and is easy to assemble. Measures: 40 x 51 x 15 cm high

    89,00 €
  • Brave bull toy Boxes The "Bull Boxes" is made of 5 mm red laminated wood and natural pine. It has 6 lateral chocks, a large central and a tailgate with ramp. It is an artisan, resistant and functional item, designed especially for children's toys. The box fits perfectly and very simply to the red or blue winning truck. Also, it adapts to the Plaza de...

    79,00 €
  • Fuchsia Wallet with Black Bow Fuchsia Wallet with bow. Silk wallet accompanied with grosgrain bow and finished with a bullfighting suit decoration. Exclusively designed by Mira la Marela. Colour: Fuchsia Measurements: 28cm wide and 13cm tall.

    120,00 € 69,00 €
  • LAST 5 UNITS! Paseo Shopping Bag  Paseo Shopping Handbag. An exclusive design by Mira la Marela made of cloth. Produced in Spain. Bullfighting bag of excellence. Made of waterproof cloth and surrounded with a golden sown-on boarder. The design of the bag imitates the embroidery of the authentic slaves of parade bullfighting capes with flower embroidery. A...

    249,00 € 99,00 €

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