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Matador Costumes for Sale – Authentic Outfits from Spain

You will find here the best selection of matador costumes for sale.

What makes up a matador costume of a bullfighter, also called a suit of lights?

  • The “taleguilla” (the pants) that bullfighters use. It is made of satin silk, with embroideries, and it is tied to the legs of the matador until below the knee. It has some laces topped by the “machos” (tassels) to adjust it well.
  • The vest is also made of silk, sleeveless, reaches up to the waist, covers the chest and back and is used on top of the shirt.
  • Finally, the jacket or “chaquetilla” is the fundamental piece of the bullfighting costume, made in silk, it reaches the waist and, thanks to two large openings under the armpit, allows the bullfighter to move his arms freely. It is reinforced and the shoulder pads have numerous ornaments and embroideries, among which the alamares of which the caireles and the sequins hang.

There are not two second-hand bullfighter costumes that are the same, since every bullfighter wants to have a very special costume made, and they choose the design, colour, ornaments individually.

All matador costumes for sales are custom -made and unique pieces, and hand-made by a tailor of toreros.

You can also choose your own particular matador outfit: colour, embroideries can be personnalized, and we are specialized in making costumes for entertainement.