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The world of bull fighting is very fashionable. History and culture come together in a personal and unique style. From the costume that Picasso designed for Luis Miguel Dominguín to Goya’s  Tauromaquía”, they unite art with the great feast of bullfighting. Today, this art came to the best catwalks combining fabrics and designs to create a different fashion inspired on bullfighting costumes and fabrics.
The embroidery of the jacket, the color of the cape and the hats seduce quickly all the public, turning it into tendency.
In Toroshopping.com you can find all kinds of items, from tailored or second-hand light suits of lights to women’s bullfighting jackets and bullfighting fashion accessories such as handbags, wallets, shoes, bracelets, watches, shirts, key chains, necklaces and hats.
Undoubtedly, something so characteristic of Spain could not be left out of our day to day and is here to stay.

Discover the authentic elegance, discover the true Spanish fashion that we offer you!
Some of our products:
Bullfighting bags such as the Lidia Handbags from the Mira la Marela brand, made of leather and bullfighter’s cape fabric, of the highest quality, with a soft and light touch. With zipper closure and pockets inside. You can get it in various sizes and colors, also now at an exceptional price in our fashion outlet.
Our offer has a wide variety of products that will be essential for lovers of the bullfighting world. Do you have an event, a birthday or just want to offer a very special present? In our online store you will find bullfighting gifts with which you will succeed for sure. 
Do not stay out of this great fashion movement!
Include in your wardrobe elements that identify you with bullfighting. Find what you look for in our store about bullfighters, bulls and the culture.