Sevillana CD Que Dios Reparta Suerte

Deluxe Edition – Book Double CD  “Vinyl Look” with 62 Sevillanas songs dedicated to the bullfight world. Along with a book of 40 pages with unpublished images of renowned photographer bullfighting Carlos Nunez.

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Sevillana CD Que Dios Reparta Suerte – Jose Leon was born in Villanueva del Ariscal, a small corner of Aljarafe, Seville, on June 6, 1974. He wanted to be a bullfighter and came to stepping up to three times the ring of the Real Maestranza de Caballería, bullfighting on a host of novilladas during the 90s. His passion for the world of bullfighting and flamenco comes from small child because he always played to be bullfighter and be singer. Studied in the street, as being just a teenager decided to debut without horses in his village. He discovered the art of poetry when he was still bullfighting and from that moment he began to compose his first letters with a special sensitivity which dealt primarily about bullfighting, the world of horses and Sevilla.

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