Toreo Sevillano trilogy

“Trilogía del Toreo Sevillano” 3 documentary films about Morante de la Puebla, Pepe Luis Vázquez e Ignacio Sánchez Mejías. The most legendary bullfighters in Spanish history. 

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IGNACIO SÁNCHEZ MEJÍAS was a famous Spanish bullfighter. He was also a writer, actor, businessman, playwrights and sportsman. He was a sympathetic personality to artists, especially those of the ‘Generacion del 27’. When he died after a goring in the Plaza of Manzanes, he was memorialized by Federico Garcia Lorca.

PEPE LUIS VÁZQUEZ has been defined as “the essence of bullfighting, the purest, deepest and most art and personality ever” and “Socrates de San Bernardo” because he was born in San Bernardo district (Sevilla), the birthplace of many “matadores”.

MORANTE is a bullfighter of artists considered. It is regarded as the artist of the new generation.

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