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The poet Pablo Neruda said that “the child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play lost forever the child who lived in him and that he will miss it very much.”
Following this philosophy, at Toroshopping we offer a line of bullfighting toys </ a> dedicated to
big and small: the “clicks” or Playmobils of a lifetime who, on this occasion, dress as a bullfighter, picador or banderillero, and also in white and red to go to the San Fermín festivities or any other bullfighting bullring .

  • The “click” of a bull runner takes his scarf, his sash and his rolled newspaper, to the
    he waits for the bulls to leave the Corrales del Gas. To recreate this emblematic place in Pamplona, ​​we have at our clients’ disposal a bull running set with twelve medium talanqueras, six small ones, three halters and six bulls, as well as one replica of the corrales of Santo Domingo .
    And finally,
    What would a confinement be without a transport crate? Everything in miniature, but with the idea that you dream big.
  • In addition, within the line of bullfighting toys from Toroshopping, you can find the following items:

So give away the collection of bullfighting toys from Toroshopping and choose the items that cannot be missing from the collection of the little ones (and the big ones).

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