Matador Costumes 

Matador Costumes

What makes up a suit of lights of bullfighter?

  • The "taleguilla" (the pants) that bullfighters use. It is made of satin silk, with embroideries, and it is tied to the legs of the matador until below the knee. It has some laces topped by the "machos" (tassels) to adjust it well.
  • The vest is also made of silk, sleeveless, reaches up to the waist, ...


  • Second hand...

    In Toroshopping, we place at your disposal second-hand matador costumes, which include the three pieces (pants, vest and jacket), in excellent condition and at the best price. They are ideal for both practical amateurs and collectors. Some of these dresses have belonged to great figures of bullfighting.

    The suits of lights are made of silk, of different colors, and covered with embroidery in gold, silver or black.

    Gold Matador Costumes

    The matadors, novilleros and picadores are considered "gold bullfighters" because they can wear costumes with golden sequins. The picadors, although they are members of the matador's team maintain this privilege that derives from its maximum protagonism at the beginnings of the Fiesta.

    Silver suits of lights

    On the other hand, the "banderilleros" are called "bullfighters of silver", because due to their hierarchy, inferior to that of their boss, the matador, they can not wear gold. Sometimes, the banderilleros prefer to wear the embroidery in black.

    The pants, the vest and the jacket usually are made of silk of the same color. The tonalities of the silk are very diverse, and depend on the taste of the bullfighter: grana (red), azul cielo (light blue), king blue or navy blue, crimson, nazarene (violet), rosewood, lilac or mauve, bottle green, apple green, tobacco (brown), white, gray, etc. In Toroshopping we have a wide variety of colors that bring a different touch to each suit of lights.

  • Tailor Made...

    In Toroshopping, you can also request to have your own suit of lights tailor-made. If you dream of dressing like a real bullfighter, you can buy your own jacket, or the complete suit, and customize it, with your measurements and completely to your liking. All through a simple form.

    Custom made bullfighter jackets

    All our jackets and tailored suits are made in Spain by a prestigious tailor of toreros. The chaquetillas are identical to the true suits of lights but with a smaller weight, which allow you to use them comfortably in shows or celebrations. Of course, you can choose the embroidery that you like, in gold, silver or black.

    Goyesco and campero costumes

    We also put at your disposal the elaboration of bullfighting costumes -suits of lights, goyesco-style costumes or campero costumes (cordobes style)- made to measure. All made of silk, velvet or wool and with the possibility of choosing the tone of the fabric, the pattern and color of the embroidery, and the adornments: alamares, morilla, rhinestones, etc.

    At Toroshopping we know that dressing as a torero is a ceremonial ritual, that's why we like to take care of every detail.

    Tailoring services for artists & companies

    We are specialized in designing outfits for artists, operas & entertainment shows. Madonna, the Operas of Paris, Miami, Chicago or Berlin have trusted us for the design of very special outfits. The costumes are especially make in order to match the artists, singers or dancers’ needs, with materials of lower weight, but respecting the essence of a bullfighter costume.

    Request a special quote & design sending an email to

  • Rental of Bullfighter...

    Rental of Bullfighter costumes

  • Picador outfit
  • Bullfighter clothes

  • The authentic bullfighter' shoes, made in Spain, in leather, and available in all sizes.  

    94,90 €
  • You can rent an authentic suit of lights of bullfighters for a shooting, TV programmes or special events. Deposit for the full price of the matador costume is requested as as warranty since these costumes and jackets are unique and authentic garnments. Ask for more information on conditions and prices, as well for receiving a selection of possible...

    250,00 €
  • Bullfighter pants in dark blue and silver made by the Spanish tailor Fermín. The dark blue bullfighter's costume with silver embroidery is in very good condition, and it is an ideal piece for professional bullfighters, fans of the bull's world or collectors. The suits of lights are unique pieces, perfect as decorative objects ..

    300,00 €
  • Electric blue and Black goyesco suit The Blue and Black  Goyesco bullfighter costume is an exceptional piece of design for matadors that allows absolute mobility and gives the bullfighter an elegant and colorful style. The bullfighter's brave personality is reflected in this Goyesco costume of incalculable historical value. The suit includes: a jacket...

    550,00 €
  • The White jacket of Picador or Bullfighter on horse has black Embroidery and is an exclusive piece designed with all the essence and the bullfighting tradition to impress on its way. The Picador jacket is second hand, has belonged to a spanish bullfighter, and is a piece of unique style ideal to wear in celebrations and family gatherings or with friends....

    600,00 €
  • The bullfighting costume in king blue and black is a unique piece to be able to wear in special events, social gatherings or as an exhibition item thanks to its exquisite presence. This suit has the peculiarity of having a different color in the vest, silver color. Show off bullfighting culture and style is now at your fingertips with this collector's...

    850,00 €
  • Custom-made bullfighter jackets by a prestigious Sastreria de Toreros. Identical to the traditional costumes of the toreros, but with a minor weight, they are perfect for shows and as a personal outfit. You can choose the color of the jacket and of the embroidery (Gold, Silver or Azabache). Time for delivery: 4 weeks

    870,00 €
  • Pink bullfighter costume ideal for kid of approximately 1,50m and 45 kg, with black and gold embroideries and ornaments. Perfect condition, ideal also for decoration. This costume includes the jacket, the vest and the pants. Measure: 4,92ft and 99 lbs.

    900,00 €
  • The Country bullfighting costume or Traje Campero / Traje corto is used for bullfighting festivals (festivities that are performed for charitable causes where the matador perceives no fees) and training in the countryside. These bullfighting costumes are custom-made by a tailor of toreros and include the jacket, waistcoat and pants. Once ordered, you...

    900,00 €
  • Beautiful red and gold picador jacket, including a vest, used by an authentic bullfighter in Spain. Second hand but in a good condition. Measurement: for someone of 1,70-75m and 70 kg aprox. (5'9''ft and 154 lbs) Made by the prestigious tailor of toreros of Seville Justo Algaba

    990,00 €
  • The dark blue and silver matador costume  from the prestigious bullfighting  tailor Daniel Roqueta presents intense colors in a classic design that becomes the center of attention and selection for its sobriety and unique style. For measurements: 1.85 cm and 80 kilos. The suit includes: a jacket a vest pants

    1 100,00 €
  • Beautiful mauve and silver matador costume, from the famous tailoring shop for bullfighters of daniel Roqueta. The matador costume is in good condition and it includes the jacket, vest and pants. Mesures: aprox. 1,70 m and 70 kg. that is 5´7 ft and 154 pounds aprox.

    1 200,00 €
  • Goyesco-style suits, with black embroideries,  tailor-made by a prestigious Tailor of Toreros.Please send an email to in order to receive more information and detailed prices for gold or silver embroideries.

    1 200,00 €
  • Authentic Spanish bullfighter costume in red and black, with inside vest embroidered in silver. Very good condition, includes the jacket, the vest and the pants. For someone of 1,75m and 65 kg aprox. (5,74ft and 143 lbs)

    1 400,00 €
  • Green and gold bullfighting costume . An original piece of second hand but in perfect condition. Ideal for beginners, collectors or amateurs. The suit of lights includes: Jacket Taleguilla Vest For the following measurements: 1.65 cm and 60 kg The green and gold suit of lights has been made in Spain by the Paco Mendéz tailor for a professional...

    1 400,00 €
  • Aubergine and black suit of lights, an original piece that we sell as a second-hand costume but in perfect condition and ideal for professionals, amateurs or even collectors.Measurements: Height: 175cm Weight: 70kilos * The measures are approximate, if you need more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us at info@toroshopping.comThe suit of...

    1 450,00 €
  • Apple green and silver bullfighter costume. An original piece, second hand but in perfect condition. It's ideal for beginners, collectors and enthusiasts.  The bullfighting costume includes:  the torero jacket  the pants the vest  Size : For someone approximately 1.75m and 65kg, that is 5' 7" and 143,3 pounds approx.

    1 600,00 € 1 490,00 €
  • Burgundy and Silver Bullfighting Suit The burgundy and silver bullfighting suit from the prestigious bullfighting tailor shop Daniel Roqueta has intense colours and a classic design that are sure to be the centre of attention thanks to its great elegance and unique style. The suit includes: A jacket A vest Taleguilla (trousers) Measurements: 1.65cm and...

    1 500,00 €
  • Beautiful bullfighter suit of lights,  made by the prestigious tailor of Emilio and redesign by the tailor of de Pedro Escolar. The matador costume is in good condition and includes the torero jacket, the vest and the breeches. Mesures: 1,70m - 70 kg aproximately

    1 500,00 €
  • Custom-made bullfighter jackets by a prestigious Sastreria de Toreros. Identical to the traditional costumes of the toreros, but with a minor weight, they are perfect for shows and as a personal outfit. You can choose the color of the jacket and of the embroidery (Gold, Silver or Azabache). Time for delivery: 4 weeks

    1 560,00 €
  • Light Blue and Gold Bullfighting Suit The light blue and gold bullfighting suit designed by… is a unique item of great quality and elegance. Designed for matadors, it is sure to dazzle everyone at professional events, at all sorts of shows or on display as a collection item. The suit includes:          A jacket          A vest          Taleguilla...

    1 590,00 €
  • Aubergine Red and Black bullfighting Suit This red and black bullfighting suit combines intense colours with a classic design. It is sure to be the centre of attention at any event or occasion thanks to its great elegance and unique design. The suit includes:          A jacket          A vest          Taleguilla (bullfighting trousers) Measurements: 1,70...

    1 600,00 €
  • Special tailor-made suits of lights made by a prestigious Sastreria de Toreros in Spain.Identical to the traditional costumes of the toreros, but with a minor weight, they are perfect for performances and theatrical costumes.  We have made many costumes on the distance for artists such as Madonna or Operas. Please fill in our Pdf Measurement form (see...

    1 750,00 €
  • Beautiful original matador costume, in light blue silk with golden embroideries and white ornaments. A unique piece in a very good condition, and suitable for large sizes. Includes the jacket, the vest and the pants. Measurements: aprox. 1,80-85m and 80 kg (5'9ft -6'06ft and 176-177lbs)

    2 200,00 €
  • Replica of Madonna bullfighting costume. Now you can wear the same costume of lights that the Queen of Pop commissioned us for her Rebel Heart Tour.The suit of lights is available in the two colors that we were commissioned, white and black and black and red, and is manufactured by the prestigious bullfighter tailoring shop of Daniel Roqueta. Includes...

    2 400,00 €
  • Custom made "Trajes de luces" (Matador costumes ) tailor-made by a Spanish tailor of toreros, with gold, black or silver embroideries. You can choose  the colour of the silk of suit of lights and of the embroideries and ornaments. We are specialized in making custom matador costumes for operas, artists, bullfighters or clients who wish to have one of...

    2 460,00 €
  • Is your dream to have an authentic bullfighter costume? like the one Sarah Jessica Parker wore on the spanish magazine Smoda. Now you can get yours for an affordable price! You can personalize also it with your initials on the back. The bullfighter costume is fully ready-made at the Daniel Roqueta prestigious tailor’s shop.  

    2 650,00 €
  • Pink and Gold Matador costume of Justo Algaba Tailor Spectacular matador costume of second hand from the tailor Justo Algaba, practically new. This costume belonged to a famous Matador in Spain. The jacket does not have the males. The suit includes the following: The jacket Vest The pants For the following measurements: 1,70cm and 65-70 kg

    2 800,00 €
  • This brand new White and Black bullfighting suit, designed and manufactured by the prestigious Paco Méndez bullfighting tailor, is an ideal opportunity to proudly wear an exclusive piece designed for a professional bullfighter at an excellent price! Get it and become the protagonist of exhibition runs, social events or exposing it as a museum piece. The...

    2 800,00 €
  • This beautiful BULLFIGHTING JACKET was lend by Toroshopping to the spanish magazine Smoda for a shooting with the famous american actress Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex in the City, Tentation in Manhattan...). You have now the possibility of having the exactly same jacket or full costume (includes jacket, vest and pants) in the same or other colours,  at your...

    2 800,00 €

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