Matador Costumes 

Matador Costumes

What makes up a suit of lights of bullfighter?

  • The "taleguilla" (the pants) that bullfighters use. It is made of satin silk, with embroideries, and it is tied to the legs of the matador until below the knee. It has some laces topped by the "machos" (tassels) to adjust it well.
  • The vest is also made of silk, sleeveless, reaches up to the waist, ...



    In Toroshopping, you can also request to have your own suit of lights tailor-made. If you dream of dressing like a real bullfighter, you can buy your own jacket, or the complete suit, and customize it, with your measurements and completely to your liking. All through a simple form.

    Custom made bullfighter jackets

    All our jackets and tailored suits are made in Spain by a prestigious tailor of toreros. The chaquetillas are identical to the true suits of lights but with a smaller weight, which allow you to use them comfortably in shows or celebrations. Of course, you can choose the embroidery that you like, in gold, silver or black.

    Goyesco and campero costumes

    We also put at your disposal the elaboration of bullfighting costumes -suits of lights, goyesco-style costumes or campero costumes (cordobes style)- made to measure. All made of silk, velvet or wool and with the possibility of choosing the tone of the fabric, the pattern and color of the embroidery, and the adornments: alamares, morilla, rhinestones, etc.

    At Toroshopping we know that dressing as a torero is a ceremonial ritual, that's why we like to take care of every detail.

    Tailoring services for artists & companies

    We are specialized in designing outfits for artists, operas & entertainment shows. Madonna, the Operas of Paris, Miami, Chicago or Berlin have trusted us for the design of very special outfits. The costumes are especially make in order to match the artists, singers or dancers’ needs, with materials of lower weight, but respecting the essence of a bullfighter costume.

    Request a special quote & design sending an email to


    In Toroshopping, we place at your disposal second-hand matador costumes, which include the three pieces (pants, vest and jacket), in excellent condition and at the best price. They are ideal for both practical amateurs and collectors. Some of these dresses have belonged to great figures of bullfighting.

    The suits of lights are made of silk, of different colors, and covered with embroidery in gold, silver or black.

    Gold Matador Costumes

    The matadors, novilleros and picadores are considered "gold bullfighters" because they can wear costumes with golden sequins. The picadors, although they are members of the matador's team maintain this privilege that derives from its maximum protagonism at the beginnings of the Fiesta.

    Silver suits of lights

    On the other hand, the "banderilleros" are called "bullfighters of silver", because due to their hierarchy, inferior to that of their boss, the matador, they can not wear gold. Sometimes, the banderilleros prefer to wear the embroidery in black.

    The pants, the vest and the jacket usually are made of silk of the same color. The tonalities of the silk are very diverse, and depend on the taste of the bullfighter: grana (red), azul cielo (light blue), king blue or navy blue, crimson, nazarene (violet), rosewood, lilac or mauve, bottle green, apple green, tobacco (brown), white, gray, etc. In Toroshopping we have a wide variety of colors that bring a different touch to each suit of lights.


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