Precious stones... and bullfighters

Precious stones... and bullfighters

26 Mar

Maybe you have not noticed, but in addition to the embroidery and sequins, one of the essential elements of bullfighters' costumes is the rhinestones. We call the set of stones and crystals that make up the alamares (the clips located on the edge of the jacket and the vest) and the cups (the bulges in the shoulder pad).

The color of the stone is chosen to match the fabric of the dress. Traditionally, the most used tones were red and green, but lately black or transparent stone is also used. Thus, for example, in blue suits the red stone is usually used, so that it complements and highlights the whole; whereas in green or pink dresses, green rhinestones stand out more.

It is the bullfighter himself, however, who decides these details and, depending on his personality, asks the tailor for one option or another.

For our clutch bag in ivory silk and gold embroidery, the tailor's shop Daniel Roqueta has decided to decorate it with small red stones to highlight the floral design. All a jewel!

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