José Tomás en Nimes


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When Spain's star bullfighter, José Tomás, took on six half-tonne bulls in the Roman amphitheatre at Nîmes, southern France, fans wept and critics hailed him as a god.

His gory trophy haul of 11 ears and one bull's tail from a single afternoon's fight on Sunday made him one of the greatest matadors ever. The unusual pardoning of one of his bulls, deemed too noble and brave to kill at the end of the fight, added to the legendary nature of a bullfight that propelled Tomás's face to the front page of the major dailies this week 

This book, considered by many a masterpiece of realism, depicts this ‘perfect night’. The book is a photograpich documentation of this show, done with love and respect for this old Spanish cultural and historical form of art. 

You will find introductory texts to the rituals of bullfighting, and more than 200 photos by Andrés Lorrio.

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