Sevilla Bullfighting Museum Poster

This Sevilla Bullfighting Museum poster reproduces the artwork “José Ortega Gallito” made by Genaro Palau (1868-1933) an oil on canvas painting belonging to the Collection of Contemporary Bullfighting Posters owned by the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla.

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Reproduction of Sevilla Bullfighting Museum Poster, designed by Manuel Ortíz based on the oil painting by Genaro Palau (1868-1933) representing the grand torero José Gómez Ortega “Gallito”.

José Gómez Ortega, known as Gallito, born in Seville, was a Spanish bullfighter, of gypsy ethnicity on his mother’s side.
He is known for contributing to the modifications of modern bullfighting, laying the foundations for the selection of bulls in the brave ranches and promoting the construction of monumental bullrings.