Matador Costumes

All our matador costumes have been created by hand by the best Spanish bullfighting artisans. All the models are originally made for bullfighting events and the second hand costumes have been used by professional bullfighters in Spain.

Custom Made Outfits for Entertainment

We also design special bullfighter’s outfits for Operas, Shows and any kind of Entertainment, with a lesser weight and a more practical fabric that make them easier to wear. We are specialized in producing these matador costumes and have done so for the greatest artists and operas around the world, such as Madonna, the Opera of Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin or Milan.

We also rent bullfighter costumes and accessories, please contact us if you are interested to check our rental conditions, sending an email to

Accessories for Bullfighting Outfits

Below we leave you some of the typical accessories that a bullfighter carries with him when he gets into the ring in front of a brave bull:

Bullfighting capes

The typical pink and yellow cape, beautiful also as a decorative item, that use the bullfighters in order to test the bull’s bravery in the ring.

Matador capes

We have both professional matador capes and training capes, both for adults and children. Professional & Amateur capes are ideal for bullfighting lovers who want to practice their skills, and the standard play capes for decoration or children.

Matador Hats & Shoes

The Traje de Luces or Suit of Lights, apart from the 3 pieces of the outfit (jacket, pants and vest) normally is completed by these accessories which you can find for sale here:

  • the Matador hat called Montera
  • the black shoes called Manoletinas
  • The white shirt
  • The pink socks
  • The Tie and Sash

About Us

Toroshopping is a company specialized in the sale of bullfighting products from Spain. We ship worldwide, and have a wide catalog of bullfighter costumes for sale or for rental for shows, events, parties, movies, etc… Also, we offer other types of bullfighting products such as: capes, shoes, hats, jackets, socks and much more.
Get in touch with us and we will help you find the bullfighter costume you are looking for.

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We know how excited you are to receive your product, that’s why we make fast shipments to Spain and Worldwide with UPS, DHL, TNT or Fedex.


Easy and fast returns. We offer you a period of 15 days to return any product that is not perfect for you. Without complications or problems!

Safe shopping

Secure payment through the main electronic payment platforms: Visa / Mastercard or Amex with the secure Stripe gateway, Apple Pay or Google Pay on mobile, Paypal

Characteristics of the Suits of Lights

  • Artisan Quality: Each spanish matador outfit is a work of art made by expert bullfighting tailors. We use the highest quality materials and pay meticulous attention to details, from intricate embroidery to impeccable finishes.
  • Personalized Design: We understand that each person has their unique preferences. We offer customization options in our bullfighting outfits so you can choose the design, colors and details that fit your style and personality. We manufacture designs for both male and female
  • Comfort and Durability: Our matador suits of lights are designed with comfort and resistance in mind. They allow you to move with ease and are built to withstand the rigor of runs and training.
  • Elegance in the Show: A spanish bullfighter outfit is not only a functional garment, but also a statement of style and Spanish tradition. Our suits stand out for their elegance and sophistication, helping you look impeccable in every performance.
  • Bullfighting Heritage: With each bullfighter suit, you carry with you the rich heritage and passion for bullfighting. It is a garment that symbolizes the commitment to this centuries-old art and the courage to face the bull.
  • Experience and Trust: Our store has years of experience in the bullfighting industry. We are proud to be a trusted source for people around the world who seek quality and authenticity ¡Real matador outfit for everyone!

When you choose one of our Suits of Lights, you are choosing excellence in bullfighting tailoring. We are committed to the quality and tradition that each garment represents. Discover our collection and find the perfect light suit to experience the excitement of bullfighting with incomparable authenticity and style.

Contact us

Do you have any question? Email us or contact us by phone or whatsapp at (+34) 679 58 35 36 and we will help you with everything you need.

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