Capazos “Botón 2.4”

capazo palm carrycot with colorful charro button decoration in red, white and sky blue.Because our inspiration is always the same: bullfighting and its aesthetics.


SKUN/A Category

Palm carrycot with two handles, with the front parts made of braided vegetable fibers, achieving a beautiful openwork. The front is dominated by a charro button decoration in bright colors.

They have a fabric toiletry bag included to store all your things.

Handcrafted “2.4 Button” carrycots, so measurements may vary a little. That’s what makes your bag unique, no two are alike.

Designed and manufactured in Spain
Measurements: 33 cm in diameter and approximately 11 cm wide.
Palm and front strip of Mediterranean plant fibers.
Interior toiletry bag: 34 x 27 cm.


Blue, Red


Belinda CaraSucia