Bullfighter Woman Jacket A Puerta Gayola

The A PUERTA GAYOLA bullfighter jacket is a very special bullfighter jacket for women, perfect to wear at a wedding or special event. Made of tulle and embroidered with white pearls, it has a tight cut that slims and enhances the figure. It has two shoulder pads that can be removed or put on.


In which fabric would you like the jacket? (tulle, cotton, velvet, satin)

A bolero jacket is a garment that fits close to the body and is short in length, usually to or slightly above the waist. Its design is inspired by the attire of bullfighters, so it usually has a tight and stylized cut that enhances the figure.

The bullfighter jacket for women is characterized by its cut with shoulder pads and decorative elements such as embroidered buttons or lace, especially on the front and on the sleeves.

The A Puerta Gayola bullfighter jacket is designed with white beading, and can be made in various materials, such as tulle, cotton, or velvet, depending on the style and the occasion. It is perfect as a complement to a wedding dress or simply for a special look.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm

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