Bullring toy pack with bullring, truck and corrals

Pack of toy bullrings, corrals, bullpens and transport truck so that the little ones can live an authentic bullfighting adventure while learning all the tasks of the bullfighting world. With the pack of bullfighting toys, the little ones will have fun playing at being bullfighters, ranchers or forming their own team. The pack includes: Toy bullring, transport truck, bullpens, 1 ring, 8 talanqueras, 4 tame bulls, 17 toy bulls

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Put on a bullfighting show with your children at home with this bullring and corrals pack with which the little ones can play with the bulls, herd them, take them out to the bullring and have fun family entertainment times.

With this complex dedicated to bulls, your children will have everything they need to enjoy their playtime in a healthier way, away from electronic devices and mobile devices. Playing again as before will give them energy and help them develop their imagination.

This bullring and corrals pack comes equipped with toy and tame bulls, a toy truck to transport them, talanqueras, the bullring, the ring and the bullpens to be able to live a complete bullfighting adventure full of emotion.

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 55 cm


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