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Carlos Ruiz Villasuso, director of the bullfighting portal Mundotoro, is the author of the novel Narcohisteria. He is a journalist and writer. He has been back and forth for fourteen years between Spain and Mexico, through whose states he has traveled tirelessly. He is well known in Mexican society for his participation in TVE Internacional. He takes part in debates on Televisión Azteca and on Radio Fórmula. He has collaborated in Reforma and La día, and currently in Esto. In addition, he has been a columnist for El tiempo de Bogotá and his articles on www.mundotoro.com are published in newspapers in Lima, Quito and Bogotá.

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Narcohisteria spanish novel – Juan is a psychiatrist who has become a judicial police officer in Madrid. He travels to Mexico to investigate the death of a Spaniard found in a mass grave in Tijuana. There he meets his alter ego, a commander of the Federal Police, Arturo El Coyo, and with him begins the most extraordinary, savage and real journey through the Mexico of drug trafficking and its most atrocious violence. An odyssey into the bowels of the “business of death” where drugs, weapons and the dead form a hysterical trilogy. A journey of transformation, a western border that crosses continents by joining in an umbilical cord with the corruption of the Russian mafia in Spain, which reaches the highest spheres of politics, the judiciary and the security forces.
The definitive novel about the transnational problem of so-called drug trafficking and the relationship between a «junkie country», the United States, and its supplier, Mexico. While the current narrative and Netflix series are sheltered on the “Mexican side” of the largest factory of the dead in history, the novel shows the entrails of the other territory of the business, the United States. Violent, lyrical, Mexican, dramatic and brave, Narcohisteria is capable of writing literature with the true background of an overwhelming and shameful reality, but nonetheless poetic. A novel of real, almost cinematic expression. Presidents of Government, politicians, policemen, judges, intelligence agencies, enter and leave the text with the same ease that the dead are counted and the disappeared are prayed. With the particularity that no fiction is more brutal than reality itself.

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