Decorative Bull Head

Imitation Bull Head ideal for decoration. Made of fiberglass, coated with imitation hair cloth, glass eyes and plastic horns. An original model that completely imitates the typical bulls heads, making it practical, durable and very decorative.
The bull’s head is mounted on a 1-centimeter wooden board, bordered by decorative yellow and red rope and an original bullfighting emblem.
The lower part of the bull’s head has enough space to place a plaque with inscription (not included).
Weight: 2 kilos
Measures: 36x58x41cm
Materials: fiberglass

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The fighting bull has been selected by the man in the last three siglos, for the bullfighting spectacles. Proceeding from the spanish breeds, that lived in the Iberian Peninsule for inmemorial times, that propitiated the most primitive forms of bullfighting.

What distinguishes the Spanish Fighting bull is a mix of physical and temperamental attributes, which is reflected in its bravery, so that it is also known as a Brave bull. Bravery is the balanced combination between caste (its decision, aggressive instinct) and nobility (ingenuity). If one of the two wrongdoes, the result can make the bull inservible for the bullfight.

With the decorative Bull head, you get all the bonds and the tradition of the fighting bull now in your home.

More details:

Weight: 2 kilos
Medidas: 36x58x41cm
Materials: glass fiber

Includes: Head and base

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 60 × 40 cm



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