Olé la Reverte Sweatshirt

OLE Bullfighting Sweatshirt! LA REVERTE, drawing made by the painter José Tomas Pérez Indiano paying tribute to “La Reverte”, one of the most picturesque cases of bullfighting in Spain: María Salome appeared in the bullrings in 1908 as a man, with the name Agustín Rodríguez, in order to circumvent the prohibition on women being able to bullfight.



Product Details

This sweatshirt is part of the new Toroshopping collection which has been designed to show some of the Spanish bullfighting icons with a modern and fun design. Wear your bullfighting sweatshirt with pride and be the sensation in all the bullrings in Spain. Olé!

  1. Style and passion: Our bullfighting sweatshirt combines an elegant design with the passion of bullfighting. Carry the spirit of the bullfight with you in every step you take!
  2. Unparalleled comfort: Made with soft and breathable materials (100% cotton), it offers exceptional comfort all day long. Ideal for bullfighting lovers who want to feel good while expressing their hobby.
  3. Authentic Detail: Each sweatshirt in our new collection is meticulously designed with authentic details from bullfighting culture. From the greatest bullfighting exponents to elegant traditional monuments of Spain, this garment is a tribute to tradition.
  4. A gift with character: Are you looking for the perfect gift for a bullfighting fan? Our sweatshirt is an unbeatable gift that they will surely appreciate. Surprise them with a touch of emotion and style!
  5. Declare your hobby: Wear your passion for bullfighting with pride. Whether in the square or in your daily life, this sweatshirt will allow you to show your hobby in an authentic and stylish way.

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