Picture of the matador Morante de la Puebla

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Luis Vega is a photographer whose career in bullfighting pictures began in his hometown of Avila in 1970.

Soon his work began to be recognized by professionals of the industry for the quality of his snapshots and he began to see his photos published in various print media specialists as 6Toros6, Aplausos, Cossío or Espasa Calpe.

He is especially recognised for his photos of the Madrid bullring, Plaza de toros de Las ventas,, especially of Jose Tomasand the rest of matadors.

In 2010 the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas (Taurodelta) awarded him the Journalism Award of that year for its photography “Days of Glory and Painwhich shows the transfer of Master Julio Aparicio to the hospital after the terrible accident with the bull in the mouth

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