look for the Feria of San Isidro with Fuchsia tones

Choose your look for San Isidro

The Feria de San Isidro 2022 is already here, exciting isn’t it ?

It will be remembered as the San Isidro Fair back to normal, after these two years of pandemic. It’s going to be an incredible atmosphere, and you’re not going to miss it, are you? That’s why we have prepared a Bullfighting Look for all the afternoons of San Isidro that you will love, for her and for him, we came up with several ideas for you look your best at the bullfights.

Choose your look for San Isidro and receive it at home!

Look Taurino for her with Gold and Silver:

A combination of details of gold and silver accessories, very elegant, to wear with a suit jacket, a skirt, and give a casual look and at the same time very chic, combining:

  • White Converses Toreras, available from size 37 to 41.
  • Earrings Puerta Grande Silver, the most demanded of the moment.
  • Watch Esclavina Gold, discreet and elegant, with the pilgrim cape of a cape on the frame.

Look taurino mujer de oro y de plata para san isidro

Look Taurino for her with Jet and Gold:

A perfect outfit for a day in the city, at a bullfight, for the weekend…. with two accessories in jet and gold, ideal to wear with a jacket, chino trousers, a midi dress or jeans and give a casual yet very chic look to your outfit, combining:

  • Black Converse Toreras trainers, available from size 36 to 42, with their gold bullfighter suit embroidery.
  • Panama Alamar hat, available in two models: ecru or brown, you can choose the size from 56 to 60, with an authentic bullfighter costume embroidery in gold.

Look San Isidro Azabache y oro

Look Taurino for her with White and Gold:

Combine a T-shirt with Sharon Stone’s bullfighting phrase, together with some bullfighting with white and gold converse, and add an irresistible touch with the fashionable Bullfighting Earrings, the special edition Puerta grande earrings in silver with white tassels, worn by Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the President of the Community of Madrid, in many events. Finally, complete the look by  adding the golden esclavina watch. An ideal and natural look to go to the bullfights or for a spring-summer afternoon:

  • Bullfighting Phrases T-shirts, available from size S to size XL, in two different models and phrases.
  • White Bullfighting Converses, available from size 37 to 41.
  • Earrings Puerta Grande Special Edition Silver and white, available in two models: normal and mini.
  • Golden Esclavina watch, a limited edition.

Look San Isidro Blanco y Oro

Look Taurino for her  April Fair:

This look is designed for the most elegant and flamenco women, who want to go to the bullfights wearing their best clothes and with a very flamenco touch, combining the fuchsia Salón stiletto shoes, together with a nice Manila handbag and with the trendy earrings:

  • Salón Stiletto Descubierto Atate Los Machos, available with silver and gold studs, as well as being able to choose the size from 37 to 39.
  • Manila Handbags, available in many colours.
  • Puerta Grande Earrings in silver

look Feria de San Isidro en tonos fucsias

Look Taurino for him ‘Manzanares’:

We have also thought about the boys 🙂 do you have a favourite bullfighter? We have bullfighting t-shirts of bullfighters, here we help you to combine them with our capote fabric belt with TS fastening:

  • Bullfighter capote belt, available from size 90 to size 110cm.
  • T-shirt Torero of Alma Torera ‘Manzanares’ model, available from size S to XL and colours white and grey.
  • Leather and capote card holder 

Lool San Isidro Manzanares

Look Taurino for him ‘Morante’:

Thinking of going to the bullfights on the evenings when Morante fights in the Feria of San Isidro? We have the t-shirt of your favourite bullfighter, to create an elegant and casual look:

  • Muleta fabric belt, available from size 85 to size 110cm.
  • T-shirt Torero of Alma Torera ‘Morante’ model, available from size S to XL and colours white and grey.
  • Hard card holder leather and capote.

Look San Isidro para él de Morante


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