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The Diversity of Bullfighting Festivals in the World

Bullfighting has been an integral part of many cultures around the world, rooted in the tradition and history of various communities. As we travel to different corners of the planet, we come across a variety of celebrations that honor bullfighting in unique and exciting ways. In this article, we are going to dive into the diversity of bullfighting festivals and discover their differences and interesting points.

1. Bullfight in Spain:

The Spanish bullfight is the best known and widely discussed. It is celebrated in many regions of Spain, the most famous being the San Fermín fairs in Pamplona, ​​although it has many very important bullrings in the world such as “Las Ventas”, the most important bullring in the world. Spanish bullfights involve three bullfighters facing off against six bulls, displaying their prowess and bravery. A characteristic element is the cape, which is used to execute different lucks and passes.

2. Festival of the Bulls in Mexico:

Mexico also has a deep bullfighting tradition and has the largest bullring in the world, the monumental one with a capacity for 42,000 people. In turn, Mexican bullfights are characterized by being more interactive, allowing fans to participate in the game of the bull from the sidelines. In addition, Mexico celebrates charreadas and jaripeos, events in which bulls are ridden and equestrian luck is performed, in a more focused approach on the skill of the rider.

3. Bullfighting in Portugal:

In Portugal, bullfights have a different nature. Instead of killing the bull in the ring, Portuguese bullfighters perform a series of lucks on horseback, without harming the animal. This variant is called “corrida de rejones” and highlights the elegance and skill of the bullfighter on horseback.

4. Parties in South America:

In South American countries such as Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, bullfighting festivals known as “corralejas” or “ferias” are celebrated. These festivities incorporate different local traditions and can include bullfights, popular luck, and equestrian activities, creating a unique cultural mosaic.

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