The Favourite Colors of the Suits of Lights of Bullfighters

For tastes, colors … especially if we talk about bullfighting costumes. Each bullfighter is a world and a mystery. That is why it is frequent that each matador feels preferences for certain tones when it comes to wear their suit of lights. Some opt for the dark tones (generally, the matadors with a larger build) and others for the light ones (the smallest ones). Of course, the mood and the Arena also influentiate.

Spanish matador outfit

The list of colors currently used in bullfighting costumes is endless. Next, to get a slight idea, we are going to know the most popular dark tones and, in a future post, the light ones.

  • Turkey or King Blue – Similar to cobalt blue, similar to peacock plumage. It is a navy blue a more vivid and intense point. It combines especially well with gold embroidery.
  • Navy blue or night: it is a dark blue and is one of the great classics in bullfighting “wardrobes”. It combines very well both with embroidery in gold, silver or with the trimmings in white thread.
  • Green bottle: in the green section, the elegant bottle stands out, colors of bullfighters such as Juan Mora.
  • Bordeaux, red wine or bull’s blood: we are referring to the garnet range, a point darker than grains.
  • Nazarene: in the world of the bull, purple dresses are called Nazarene, because they remind us of the sayas worn by some penitents at Easter.
  • Tobacco: Tobacco is a brown colored suit, similar to black tobacco. No fan says that a bullfighter is dressed in “violet and gold” or “brown and gold”, but in Nazarene or tobacco.
  • Lead: this is the name of a dark gray.
  • Black, jet or catafalque: a tremendously elegant dress that stylizes everyone, but which some bullfighters avoid because they are too serious. The bullfighter José Mari Manzanares used it as a sign of mourning after the death of his father.

Bullfighting costume accessories

In this section you will see the different bullfighting accessories that are used together with the matador outfit.

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