Fashion, accessories with a clear bullfighting inspiration that Madonna, the Queen of Pop did not resist.

That bullfighting culture is still very much alive is no surprise to anyone, but there are more and more people who are choosing bullfighting design to claim a unique style. Fashion and accessories of clear bullfighter inspiration that do not go unnoticed even among the great stars of music.

Do you want to know which items Madonna selected for her Rebel heart World Tour and music video?

madonna rebel heart costume

  • Spectacular costumes for her dancers, including vests and pants of the suit of lights.
  • An amazing Capote de paseo or parade cape, similar to that used by bullfighters to make the paseíllo. The cape is one of the most unique elements that accompanies the suit of lights. They are made in a satin with special embroideries, with a very careful preparation. Many bullfighters embroider the religious image that they venerate to the capote of walk to show their intentions to the public and to Presidency.
    cape of parade madonna
  • Bullfighting Accessories to strengthen your look, can be shoulder pads, shoes, or stockings.

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