Kids Bullfighting Capes

Bullfighter capes for children, specially designed for children between 3 and 6 years old.
The cape is made by a bullfighting tailor in Spain, replicating the capes used by bullfighters but adapted so that the little ones in the house can play at living their first bullfighting adventure.
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Measurements: 77cm x 43 cm

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The bullfighter’s capes for children are the perfect accessory for children to get started in the bullfighting tradition by playing at being authentic bullfighting figures. This is a model that is based on the traditional rigid cape shape that characterizes authentic capes.

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The children’s bullfighter’s cape from bullfighters’ tailoring is made in the likeness of an authentic fighting cape.

Its origin comes from the beginnings of bullfighting when the knights who went out to bullfight dressed in capes and used them in their fights with the bull. Formerly it was red and lighter.

Currently the fighting capes are pink with an interior lined in yellow, or sometimes in blue or purple. They are made of synthetic fabric, nylon or silk, to prevent the bull’s horn from getting too caught, in addition to being treated so that blood does not penetrate and to give it more weight and rigidity.

The fighting cape is not the same as the walking cape that the bullfighters wear during their entrance to the plaza or Paseíllo and which is smaller in size and embroidered with stripes, gold and religious images.

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Dimensions 20 × 6 × 20 cm





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