The best dressed of Sevilla April Fair and Madrid San Isidro 2023

During the April Fair and the San Isidro festivities we have been able to see some of our celebrities wearing all kinds of bullfighter-style dresses and jackets that are on trend this 2023. For this reason, we have decided to make a ranking of the best dressed in relation to to the bullfighting world. Let’s see them!

1. Isabel Díaz Ayuso

We have been able to see the president of the Community of Madrid at various events wearing bullfighting details. On this occasion, she wore a golden shoulder pad with red touches and black jewelry.
To copy her look, very easy, she chooses one of Silvia Barca’s bullfighter-style shoulder pads.

In the Las Ventas bullring, she appeared wearing a denim jacket with bullfighter embroidery, from the Aguja de arte brand.

If you like embroidered jean jackets, we advise you to take a look at the jackets by Belén García, a bullfighting artisan specialized in embroidering male bullfighter costumes.

2. Victoria Federica:

We could see the granddaughter of the emeritus kings at the presentation of the San Isidro posters wearing a bullfighter-inspired jacket with great style. Black in color and with touches of gold and silver, Victoria was one of the people who caused the most stir and sensation on the catwalk.

3. Roció Peralta

In third place we find the designer Roció Peralta who opted for a bullfighter-inspired look with a red and black Dior jacket to mark one of the most applauded looks at the April Fair. What do you think? How would you combine this look?

4. Vicky Martín Berrocal

In fourth position we can find Vicky Martin Berrocal, with a bullfighter-style jacket with polka dots from her own brand, also at the April Fair in Seville.

5. Carmen Lomana

Last but not least, we show you the outfits of one of our famous favourites, Carmen Lomana and María Fernández, both wearing Amazonia brand bullfighter jackets.

If you like bullfighter jackets, be sure to visit our Jackets section, you will see some fabulous outfits for any event, day or night, for example the Taffalera Jacket with rhinestones.


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